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Timber Decking in Melbourne

At Dandenong Timber & Hardware, we supply tradies, builders, fencers and DIY hobbyists with only the best materials and supplies, including the highest quality timber decking in Melbourne. Putting together a deck for your home is a great idea for outdoor entertainment such as summer barbecues, drinks and dinner parties. Decks offer an ideal opportunity for guests to enjoy fresh air and banter over food and wine. As well as offering infinite entertainment possibilities, a deck adds more value to your home, making it more appealing to future home buyers if you plan on selling your home.

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Choose from a Range of High-Quality Timber

Our experience offering the best decking supplies in Melbourne means that you can expect the highest quality from us. If you’re interested in building your own deck, why not take a look at our range of timber decking materials and decking supplies for all your timber decking needs? We stock an impressive range of products for you to choose from, allowing you to create something truly magnificent.

At Dandenong Timber & Hardware, we pride ourselves on our high-quality timber supplies. When choosing the right wood for your deck, you should look for something that’s well known for its durability and ability to weather the elements. These qualities will make it ideal for outdoor use. As leading decking suppliers in Melbourne, we can work with you to recommend a suitable solution.

The following timber types are commonly used for timber decking in Melbourne:

  1. Merbau
    • Merbau is often used for outdoor decking as it’s a very dense and durable wood while being fairly affordable for its quality. Natural oils make it resistant to pest damage and rotting, while being relatively affordable to most. This wood is also beautiful to look at, with its reddish-orange to reddish-brown colour, gold or yellow flecking and natural lustre.
  2. Cypress
    • Technically a softwood, cypress is unique in that it has many attributes of a hardwood, being durable and resistant to termite attacks. It also has a naturally knotty appearance which gives it a rustic look.
  3. Treated Pine
    • Treated pine is pine wood that’s been chemically treated for resistance to decay, fungi and insect damage, including termites. It’s a lightweight wood that’s easy to work with, making it ideal for DIY projects where something simpler and more straightforward is desired.
Decking Timber Melbourne

Our Decking Sizes

All of our timber decking in Melbourne is available in lengths ranging from 1.8 to 5.7 metres. We also offer three different widths of decking timber – 70 x 19, 90 x19 and 140 x 19 millimetres. If you’re not sure what size will best suit your project, we can make a recommendation based on your goals.

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At Dandenong Timber & Hardware, we offer timber decking in Dandenong and surrounding areas that’s second to none. Our experts are happy to answer your questions, provide friendly advice and offer useful suggestions. Feel free to contact us on (03) 8774 6669 or via online enquiry.