Garden Rocks and Pebbles in Melbourne

Dandenong Timber & Hardware is one of the leading pebble suppliers in Dandenong, with an extensive range of decorative snow white pebbles and black pebbles for landscaping applications available in many different sizes. Our black and white pebbles for gardens can be used to create an attractive walkway, driveway or garden space that will enhance the look of your home.

The Benefits of Using Stones and Pebbles in Your Outdoor Space

As expert stone and pebble suppliers in Dandenong, Dandenong Timber & Hardware is well aware of how beneficial it can be to use white or black pebbles for garden spaces. There are many different ways that our garden pebbles in Dandenong can be used, including to add additional colour, texture and general visual appeal to your front yard, backyard or courtyard.

Our garden and river pebbles in Melbourne are a great way to define walkways and fill in garden pathways and empty spaces between plants. Our landscaping pebbles in Melbourne can also be used to define edges for both flowerbeds and lawns if you’re unable to pave them. Either black or snow white garden stones can be laid out to complement your outdoor space while also ensuring your garden remains saturated by helping soil and mulch to maintain its moisture.

If you wish to have a waterfall in your garden, river pebbles can enhance the aesthetic appeal of this feature. They can even be used to create a pond that contains fish and aquatic plants, perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere for your outdoor space.

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If you find pebbles you love, take advantage of our delivery service that can transport river and landscaping pebbles Melbourne wide and also to any other location in Victoria or interstate. If you require more information on the garden pebbles or garden stones our Melbourne store provides, contact us today by calling 0470 490 436 or filling out our online contact form.

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