Treated Pine Decking

Treated Pine Decking in Dandenong

Treated pine decking timber is a decay and termite resistant type of timber that’s highly recommended for use as building beams for decks and pergolas on residential properties. Treated pine decks and pergolas are commonly seen in backyards across Australia as they’re affordable, durable, versatile, and can be painted or stained to coordinate with any colour scheme you have in mind.

Dandenong Timber & Hardware is one of the leading treated pine Melbourne suppliers who are well-stocked with an extensive range of treated pine decking boards to suit any property. We stock many different treated pine timber sizes and treated pine lengths at our timber yard, ensuring you’ll find something to suit the requirements of your project.

The Advantages of Using Treated Pine Decking Timber

Low Cost

Perhaps the most obvious advantage that you will notice is that treated pine decking prices are very low. The cost of treated pine decking boards is very economical compared to other types of timber materials, and the treated pine decking prices we offer are highly competitive. But don’t worry; just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s not good quality. Treated pine decking timber is designed to be a durable and long-lasting material.


Another major advantage of using treated pine decking timber is that there are many different treated pine decking sizes available, and they can be painted or stained in any colour you desire to get the type of decking you want for your property. This timber is very easy to work with, making it ideal for DIY projects.

Safe to Use

Treated pine decking timber does not contain any unsafe chemicals that may present a health issue for you and family, and it’s designed to ensure termite infestations and decay will not diminish its quality. No matter what your health and safety concerns are with your decking, as treated pine Melbourne suppliers, we can find a suitable option for your project.

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