Retaining Wall Sleepers

Retaining Wall Sleepers in Melbourne

If your house sits on a slope, you could benefit from building a retaining wall with railway sleeper sin Melbourne. At Dandenong Timber & Hardware, we offer the best range of timber sleeper retaining wall products to suit your needs. Our hardwood sleeper retaining wall systems are all quick and easy to install and are extremely cost-effective.

No matter what the requirements of your project are, Dandenong Timber & Hardware can help you find the best retaining wall railway sleepers and garden sleepers in Melbourne to make your dream backyard a reality. From treated hardwood sleepers to treated pine sleepers and much more, we stock a wide variety of timber sleepers sizes, thicknesses and finishes to suit any outdoor project.

Our team takes great pride in providing customers with expert advice and the highest quality hardwood sleepers Melbourne wide. We offer all types of timber sleepers for Melbourne tradies, builders and DIY home renovators to use.

Why Use a Treated Pine Sleeper Retaining Wall System?

Treated pine is one of the least expensive and abundant types of timber in Australia, as it naturally grows in many places throughout the country and is also raised in many authorised forest plantations. Even though pine is classified as a softwood, it’s treated so it can withstand many of the problems that regularly affect soft timber species, including rot, wood boring insects, and the wear and tear it can incur due to daily usage.

A treated pine garden sleepers retaining wall is made to prevent soil from spilling over and sliding out, adding safety to your property. Retaining walls cab also provide additional space to your property by levelling out sloped areas that would be otherwise unusable.

At Dandenong Timber & Hardware, we stock the best treated pine sleepers in Melbourne that are highly recommended for building retaining walls. Get in touch with us today to get yourself the best treated pine sleepers price possible.

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