Landscaping Supplies

Garden & Landscaping Supplies in Melbourne

At Dandenong Timber & Hardware, we proudly stock a wide range of quality garden and landscaping supplies in Melbourne. Whether you need supplies for your next home landscaping project or for a commercial landscaping business, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We specialise in supplies for waterless gardens, with a wide range of gravels, bark, mulch, loam, sand and more for you to choose from.

We also provide a service for merbau decking and timber fencing. We’ve got everything you need to make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood, or simply breathe new life into an old landscape. Browse our range of high-quality landscaping and garden supplies in Melbourne to find a great deal online, or visit us in-store and see for yourself.

Locally Owned, Australian Made

Locally owned and operated, Dandenong Timber & Hardware is dedicated to providing great prices and incredible service all year round. Whether you’re looking for something specific or you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for at all, our team will be right there to help you. With years of experience in landscaping, home and garden design, we’ve got the expertise to help you find the right landscaping supplies in Melbourne to create your dream garden.

Landscaping Supplies

Waterless and Sustainable Garden Supplies

If you’re looking to go truly waterless, a gravel, rock or synthetic grass base is the perfect solution. While rock, gravel, bark and mulch make great ground coverings and can be used to design and create incredible outdoor spaces, synthetic or artificial grass is a great alternative for those looking to maintain a green grass feel without the need for water or maintenance.

While synthetic grass may have developed a bad reputation, modern products are very close to looking and feeling like real grass. This realistic approach, complete with strands of dead grass, has gone a long way to making it a favourable option for low water gardens. Regardless of your goals, we’ve got you covered with the best landscaping supplies in Dandenong.

Find What You’re Looking For at Dandenong Timber & Hardware

If you’re asking yourself “where can I find the best garden and landscaping supplies near me from trusted suppliers?”, you won’t be disappointed by what Dandenong Timber & Hardware has to offer. Catering for DIY handymen and professionals alike, we guarantee competitive prices across the board. Visit or contact us to find great deals on all the garden supplies in Dandenong you’ll need for your next project.