Merbau Fence

Merbau Fencing in Dandenong

Whether you’re a professional tradie, builder or home hobbyist, Dandenong Timber & Hardware has all the best supplies for your merbau fencing project. Our timber yard offers a range of premium quality merbau fencing in Dandenong as well as other high-quality timbers. As a wholesaler and direct supplier of merbau timber, you can rest assured that our A-grade and kiln dried merbau supplies such as merbau decking are of the highest quality for your professional or hobby project.

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Why Use Merbau for Your Fence?

Sourced from south-east Asia, merbau timber is a highly durable, termite and rot resistant wood that can withstand the elements. Merbau screening and merbau fencing in Melbourne is therefore an excellent choice for Melbourne’s temperamental climate. Merbau is used a lot for outdoor projects such as decking and fencing precisely due to its strength and durability. It’s also highly attractive to look at, with its unique reddish-orange colour, yellow or gold flecks and natural lustre.

Our Merbau Fence Products

Dandenong Timber & Hardware offers a variety of merbau fence designs, materials and products to meet your needs, including:

  • Fence posts
  • Pickets
Merbau Fence

Our Other Fencing Timbers

As well as quality merbau timber, Dandenong Timber & Hardware offers other high-quality timbers for all your DIY projects, including hardwood, cypress and treated pine all at highly affordable prices. Whether you want hardwood fencing or merbau screening in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs, you can rely on us to have everything you need to get your project completed to the standard you expect.

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Based in Dandenong South, the friendly team at Dandenong Timber & Hardware offer the best quality merbau fence panels and merbau screening in Melbourne at unbeatable prices. While we’re based in Dandenong South, we can service all areas of Melbourne for your convenience. As experts in timber and hardware, we’re always happy to communicate with you until you have all the information you need. Contact us today on (03) 8774 6669 for more information.