Timber Sleepers

Dandenong Timber and Hardware stocks a wide range of timber sleepers in all sizes, ready to be used in any landscaping or gardening project. With options for several kinds of wood, including cypress, spotted gum, treated pine and other hardwoods, we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for. Browse our range online and get started and get started on your next project today. If you’re looking for timbers sleepers in Melbourne, visit our store today at 18 Brindley Way, Dandenong South to find great deals on all things timber and landscaping.

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Choosing the Right Timber Sleepers

When choosing timber sleepers for your next project, it’s important to choose the right ones for your need. There are two main categories of sleeper, hardwood and treated pine. While both will do a good job in the right conditions, there are obvious differences that can greatly influence which one you choose for your garden.

Treated Pine Sleepers

  • Treated pine is great for those looking to build a retaining wall on a budget. Properly treated wood is tough enough to stand up to general Australian weather, looks good and is a fair bit cheaper than their hardwood counterparts. They will, however, break down faster, and won’t last as long as hardwood. A good set can last up to 20 years in ideal conditions, but if you’re planning on using them in direct contact with soil remember to take that into account.

Hardwood Sleepers

  • Hardwood often looks better than treated pine, but doesn’t last as long if it’s untreated. With a number of different varieties available, make sure to do your research before choosing a hardwood sleeper.
Timber Sleepers

Keep in mind that you’ll need to choose sleeper thickness based on use, and this could add to the price. Retaining walls that are holding back a lot of soil will need thicker sleepers than a garden bed, for example. We also provide good service for concrete sleepers within Melbourne.

Great for Gardens and Landscaping

Timber sleepers are fantastic for landscaping and are used all over Australia to create gorgeous garden spaces. Use timber sleepers for retaining walls, play spaces, raised garden beds, garden edging and more. While you could choose concrete, stone or plastic options, timber is a great option for those looking to get good looking results on a budget.

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